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ISS recognizes the requirement for business operations to have continuous, uninterrupted functioning of all critical information systems and business applications in today's highly competitive economic environment. Therefore ISS has developed the tools and methodologies necessary to assist our clients in developing a comprehensive business continuity/disaster recovery plan.


Key Benefits

ISS will assist clients in developing a plan that identifies the critical functions of the clients business, the personnel and resources needed, and the proper steps necessary to permit the timely restoration of services. In addition, ISS will develop and execute an efficient testing approach that will address realistic disaster recovery scenarios and provide for an enterprise recovery.

Risk Assessments

Assess controls currently in place

Identify risks (threats, vulnerabilities and single points of failure)


Business Impact Analysis

Identify mission-critical business processes and the related recovery requirements

Identify financial, operational and legal/regulatory risks and the impacts of a loss of mission-critical processes

Develop recovery priorities and sequence of recovery

Calculate business process and network recovery time constraints


Enterprise Continuity Plan

Document Recovery Management Structure

Develop Plan activation procedures

Establish plans by process area

Develop and execute test plans