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Failure to identify and safeguard intellectual property (IP) assets exposes you to great risks, such as: theft of new designs, loss of revenues from lost ideas, misappropriation and the impact of non-compliance with established government regulations.

 Companies own various forms of intellectual property that are important to its business operations and ongoing success. These intellectual property assets need to be identified and protected.  

In addition, when you get sued it is essential that your company be prepared to be compliant with state and /or federal discovery requirements in a timely and cost effective manner. Proof, ownership and effective documentation of IP assets will be the key witness in the successful outcome of a litigious event.

 What we Offer:

 Intellectual Property Compliance Assessment

Our Intellectual Property (IP) readiness review/audit will consist of assessing the existence and effectiveness of an IP management strategy within a company. This review will help companies develop an effective Intellectual Property asset management system. In addition, such an audit would significantly indicate and propose a systematic approach for management and protection of the companies’ intellectual assets. An IP Audit is a key element in formulating the company’s strategy, business plans and policy.

Discovery Compliance Litigation Services

Our firm also engages with the legal and technical staff to determine readiness to respond to discovery request. We provide a vulnerability assessment and help determine the time and cost estimate of potential discovery searches. We also can provide the technology and the project management resources to implement discovery compliance protections.