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Management Consulting  

At ISS, our mission is to incorporate the use of information technology in providing prompt and effective solutions utilizing the highest level of quality. Our staff of consultants has the skills and experience to assist you in achieving the goals of your organization in the following areas:

Strategic IT Planning                                                                                       Outsourcing

Align use of technology with business strategy                                           Full range of Outsourced IT Services

Use technology to enhance core competencies                                                                                          

Project Management                                                                                   Data Center Management

Manage projects from start to finish                                                            Management of all IT functions

Perform Quality Management processes                                                      Telecom infrastructure and maintenance

Systems Development                                                                                 Network Design and Support

Define functional requirements                                                                    LAN/WAN maintenance

Develop intranet-extranet applications                                                        Implement wireless network solutions

Manage RFP Process                                                                                     Desktop Support

                                                                                                                       Support and maintenance of desktops,

                                                                                                                       PDAs and handhelds