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Infinite Systems Support (ISS) recognizes that our clients are heavily dependent upon their information assets to support mission-critical operations.  As they make significant investments in information technology, their competitive advantage in the market place will be dependent upon the integrity, control and security of their information assets. 


Therefore, ISS focuses on providing assurances to clients and other interested parties regarding the quality of system controls, security and functional integrity.  Our services frequently entail consulting on the design and implementation of control and security features as an integral part of the quality assurance and audit processes.  By providing both consulting and audit services, our ISS professionals stay on the leading edge of new technologies, related risks and how companies are managing these risks.  This access to risk management techniques for new and emerging technologies allows us to proactively provide input on issues BEFORE they become problems for an organization.

Key Benefits

Independent review by Certified Information Systems Professionals

Timely report of Information Security and Controls risks

Detailed recommendations for addressing issues noted